We can help you improve your agricultural project in many ways

TAC consultants can provide assistance to specific processes in the “farm-to-market” supply chain, including:


1. Analyses of soils and other steps in farm site selection. Feasibility studies for prospective projects.


2. Farm and processing installation design. Technology improvements such as precision agriculture with drones and harvesting and processing technologies.


3. Water management plan design.


4. Pest and disease prevention plan development.


5. Identification of experts for individual crops.


6. Logistical solutions. Farm-to-market, including port and ocean freight options and rates.


7. Ripening or other required post-harvest process development.


8. Development of projected labor requirements and training plans for new or current workers and supervisors.


9. Farm and processing sustainability, social or environmental certification programs.


10. Budget, timeline, and cash flow projection assessments for startup or evaluation of existing agricultural projects, financials for prospective investors, or owners looking to improve results.


11. Process evaluation and/or design to ensure acceptable product quality in the market.


12. Market selection for the agricultural products included in the project, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the new crop versus the current product already in the market. Market quality claim evaluations.

Tropical Agricultural Consulting, Inc. (TAC) works with greenfield startup projects, determining the best crop for a specific piece of land or the best available land to plant a target crop.


TAC also helps to improve existing agricultural projects by focusing on those processes or metrics that are not meeting expectations.


TAC consultants can also share their knowledge by speaking to interested groups about experiences and lessons learned setting up new projects and managing change in existing agricultural projects around the world.

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