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• Trouble-shooting for planned and unplanned obstacles.


• Our experts help you make the right decisions with your new or current tropical agricultural project.


• Our consultants are professionals specializing in specific areas who have helped a number of clients with projects over a span of years.

Projects our consultants have worked include crops such as:

Locations where our consultants have worked include:











Oil Palm


Passion fruit





Africa: several countries in East and West Africa


South America: Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and Brazil


Central America and the Caribbean: Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti


Southern Asia: the Philippines, Cambodia, Viet Nam, China, Indonesia, and India

Involvement with markets from:

Type of work assignments include:

North America




Middle East





Our work assignments include:

• Long-term assignments

• Short-term assignments

• Project-based work

• One-time site visits

• Speaking engagements on tropical agriculture-based experiences

Our clients

Tropical Agricultural Consulting, Inc. (TAC) serves different organizations. Our clients are private companies in the agribusiness sector, national governments, development agencies such as USAID and the UK-based Commonwealth Development Corporation, NGOs, and foundations from around the globe that are looking to plan and develop new tropical agricultural projects or improve existing ones. TAC members have participated in significant international projects that have helped transform local economies by planting thousands of hectares of crops, creating thousands of local jobs, using sustainable methods with the most applicable technology, and exporting thousands of tons of produce to global markets.


We also welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge at universities, trade associations, and public or private events with any organization interested in increasing employment and food production in tropical countries, and generally making an impact on the economic conditions of the surrounding communities.

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