Experienced professionals in tropical agriculture

Tropical Agricultural Consulting Inc’s (TAC) consultants are a group of independent, multinational, experienced professionals in various fields involved in developing and operating agricultural projects in the tropics.


TAC adjusts to your organization´s specific needs and requirements. Looking at each part of the supply chain (e.g., farm operations, logistics, the market, etc.), TAC consultants will help you understand the risks, competitive advantages, and alternatives for your specific project to best meet your particular goals and objectives.



Consulting engagements may include the following:


• Long-term assignments

• Short-term assignments

• Project-based work

• One-time site visits

• Speaking engagements on tropical agriculture-based experiences

Our Executive Director

Charles Keiser is TAC´s main strategist and hands-on consultant. He has decades of international experience in tropical agriculture, including project planning, field operations management, corporate functions, and stakeholder negotiations.


Mr. Keiser also worked with Chiquita Brands International for over thirty years in different management positions, including V.P. of Global Production, V.P. of Strategic Sourcing, General Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Director, and as a member of Chiquita’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. He was responsible for the corporation-owned and associated producer farms, producing approximately 15% of the world´s annual banana exports.


His responsibilities included support functions such as research, materials, budgets, human resources, innovation, quality, fruit estimation, and inland logistics. Other projects included identifying sustainable sources of fruit for the expansion of new operations and providing alternative fruit sources for the company’s existing markets.


Mr. Keiser is the President and founder of TAC, and through his firm he has worked in Asia, Africa, and Latin America on a variety of crops. He has a vast background in leading agricultural development projects for corporate clients in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, as well as government agencies such as USAID and the UK-based Commonwealth Development Corporation.


As the CEO of a greenfield startup in a remote area of West Africa, Mr. Keiser was previously responsible for planting hundreds of hectares of oil palm, rubber, cocoa, and pineapples while helping create hundreds of local jobs. Furthermore, the startup was proud of the fact that no rainforests were destroyed as a result of this project.


Mr. Keiser has an undergraduate degree in International Agriculture from Utah State University and a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Tennessee, and has lived or worked in nearly 60 countries and territories in various agricultural and market-related capacities. Furthermore, he has given several presentations at international events throughout his career on the impact of agriculture in developing countries.


A global network of independent consultants with wide experience across the supply chain

Our global network of world-class experts works to address challenges in tropical agricultural business supply chains. We support your projects to meet strategic expectations regarding costs, time, volume, and quality while protecting the local environment and improving the livelihoods of the surrounding communities.


Each expert is selected according to technical expertise and prior experience working with other TAC consultants.  We pride ourselves on providing the right expert or group of experts who will be able to deliver specific recommendations and support based on your particular project´s specific needs and objectives.


TAC members have work experience in Central and South America, the Caribbean, West and East Africa, and South Asia. They have extensive operational and managerial experience across the entire spectrum of agribusiness supply chains, spanning large agribusiness corporations, greenfield startups, government entities, universities, and NGOs. Most TAC members are at the very least bilingual, with English and Spanish being the two most common languages. All members have professional degrees and/or certifications, including many with advanced degrees in their fields.


Each TAC consultant has been evaluated according to previous work experience, professional performance, and qualifications.  Membership in TAC is on an invitation-only basis.  Consultants cannot pay to be part of our TAC network, nor does TAC charge its consultants for any work that they contract through our organization. This keeps costs low for everyone, keeps communication flowing, and ensures that work ethic and performance are of the highest standards, just as clients like it.


Each TAC consultant is matched based on your project´s needs, taking into account the consultant’s specific expertise. Detailed experience and qualifications of the relevant TAC members are provided to the interested parties. All terms of engagement are worked out directly between the contracting party and the TAC consultant (i.e., TAC is not a party to this agreement).


Profiles of selected TAC experts and specialists are available upon request.



Planning and Account Manager

Margarita Keiser oversees the accounts, planning, and coordination of travel to different international sites. Additionally, she oversees the billing and recordkeeping. With a degree in Advertising from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and over 20 years of experience in management and international culture, she enables communication and ensures smooth workflow in order to meet project demands.


Margarita has traveled to over 60 countries and territories, which has developed her sensitivity to the development of communities and the responsible use of their resources and environments. She oversees Tropical Agricultural Consulting’s US management and its financial compliance.

What will be the advantage of your agricultural project compared to others?

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